Made in Tanzania Com was founded with an objective to provide an Online Business to Business portal for Tanzanian Businesses contacts. Generally to promote Tanzanian Manufactured Goods/Services to the outside world, making them easily accessible to the Global Markets.

 Made in Tanzania Com is a proprietorship business family owned . The company was registered on the 23rd August 2011, under Tanzanian Business Names  ( Registration)  ACT  ( CAP 213) .

 On 30th October 2010, www.madein-tanzania.com was launched on a trial basis until May 2012 when went fully in operations, thus implementing her main objectives of an Online (electronic) eDirectory.


1:2 Location

The company is located in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in Kinondoni District, Mwenge, along Sam Nuyoma Road..


1:3 Company Objectives:

To provide online Directory references for all Tanzanian Businesses.

To provide online  advertisements platforms for Small and Big Businesses.

To provide easily accessible businesses information such as Events / Trade Fairs

To provide online  platforms for promoting Authors/Artists works

To provide Shoppers with POA Discount Cards for use in purchases of goods at a discount prices in outlets in East Africa, such as supermarkets, Hotels and Shops.

To provide Shoppers with POA Debit card in collaboration with a bank. The card to be used for purchases of goods/services  world wide.


1:4  Vision

To be the ultimate provider off all Tanzanian Businesses contacts globally at the  finger tips.

1:5  Mission

Made in Tanzania Com to offer readily easily accessible businesses contacts and platforms for promoting business/trade/services within and outside Tanzania at affordable cost to ALL.